Entry #6

New Animation Up! Robot Rejection

2010-07-22 03:26:09 by NinjaWabbit

I think the animation came out pretty good, took me around 36 hours to make.
If it passes judgment i'll have to fix that border problem that's showing up.
I originally had another animation in the works, to be done for Robot Day, but it's now on hold because it's going to take awhile to finish.
I started this animation on Robot Day so I'm late obviously, but better late than never.
I'm still learning and getting better i think but i guess you guys'll be the judge of that.
Ok thanx for the good or bad ratings or comments.
Hope it makes it, i'll have to fix the border problem tomorrow.
It's really late and i've been running over my time limit, on every schedule, just to get this done.

New Animation Up!  Robot Rejection


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